Creative Days

Someone told me recently that they thought I was like a little bird with my art and craft activities, suggesting that I “flitted” from one to another. I couldn’t figure out if it was a compliment or not. At 5′ 10″ tall, it’s hard to picture myself flitting about.

I do know that I sometimes have trouble getting started on a particular project when I have many on my mind, in the works, have new-to-me things to try, or want to revisit a favorite medium and technique. Sometimes though, I just like moving various projects along a few at a time.

Take this last week or two for example, I’ve been all over the place. I’ve participated in an online webinar for lampwork glass, watched DVD’s about oil and acrylic painting and gourd painting, helped my friend Sheila get started with needle felting,

Sheila's needle felted bird in progress

Sheila’s needle felted bird in progress

created at least one small Zentangle related drawing each day in my Tangle-a-day calendar book,

One page from Zentangle-a-day calendar

One page from Tangle-a-day calendar

created at least one small daily painting almost every day,

A daily painting.

A daily painting.

taught wet and needle felting to a small group of friends,

Crafty Chicks Saturday Felting

Crafty Chicks Saturday Felting

worked on samples for an online felting class with Fiona Duthie,

Felting Surface Design class samples

Felting Surface Design class samples

and continued work on a hooked rug pillow that I’ve designed around a theme of water.

Rug Hooked Pillow top-to-be
This list doesn’t include the time I’ve spent reading and studying artists and art books. And now it will include getting two blogs posts out before March 1.

I still don’t know if it’s flitting, lack of focus, or just a crazy, strong desire to create. I do know that I love the learning and accomplishing of my creative days. Whatever you want to call it, I appreciate that I have the capacity and time for it. Do you create with single minded focus or do you like to have several projects in the works at a time?

Zentangle class of new recruits

I taught a fun, relaxed Zentangle class last Saturday with a great group of gals. I changed up some of the tangles used from the usual beginner tangles. To decide which tangles, I look for those that are examples of things I like beginners to learn. I’m always surprised at how time flies and how much more I want to share.

This is my demo tile on 12″ x 12″ scrapbook card stock. On the left is where I stopped after demonstrating the process. On the right is my final after looking at it the next morning. I’m still really tempted to put an aura on the purk. 

image of zentangle tiles

 These are the student tiles. I love how they turn out so uniquely.

image of student zentangle tiles

Clearwater Quilters – A day of Workshops

The local quilt guild that I belong to is presenting A Day of Workshops on Friday, June 20, here in Orofino, Idaho. The registration form and workshop brochure is available on the page.

We’re delighted that art quilter Lisa Curnutt has agreed to be our featured quilter and present a trunk show of her stunning quilts at lunch time.

I will be teaching Playing with Color, Value and Color Intensity for one class and Introduction to Folk Art Wool Embroidery for another. All instructors belong to our quilt guild. This event is in an alternative to our bi or tri-annual quilt show. We’re interested to see how things work out since we’re making it up as we go! We expect to get a lot of mileage out of “Well, this is our first time”! So far we’re getting an enthusiastic response.