Acrylic Painting Fun

  I am often inspired to try new techniques and methods after seeing the work of other artists. Earlier this year I took an online class from Sandrine Pelissier called “Painting Flowers from imagination in mixed media“. This is my painting from the class. 9″ x 9”


Another artist who has inspired me this year is Angus Wilson. I have a ways to go to loosen up but I love his color choices and learned a lot by giving it a go. This is a music box given to our kids by an aunt with cool taste. 6″ x 6″


I also took an online class, Explore Colour, from Este Macleod this fall. This is my Project One painting. 16″ x 16″


I just really enjoy learning various techniques from artists whose styles I love. All of these paintings used acrylic paint in one form or another. The online class paintings both used imagination and a negative painting process.

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  1. Hello Susan, great post and wonderful paintings. I, too, find a lot of inspiration from online artists, and love learning new techniques. In printmaking too!

  2. it’s one month later, 1/1/2016, and I need a cheer up so got on here to look at your colors….”Explore Colors”… that picture !~ missing you today, missing Sandy today, missing all of you today !!! Happy New Year and let’s make 2016 the BRIGHTEST YEAR ON RECORD !!!!! love ya !