Every Day in May #4 – 10

EDM #4 – Spice Jars

sketch of spice jars

EDM #5 – Something Hot
It’s hot in the winter for sure, not so much now. The question is – is it White’s black woodstove or is it a black White woodstove?

I discovered too late that the De Atramentis black ink doesn’t seem to want to be permanent on this watercolor paper although it has been fine for me on other papers.

sketch of wood stove

EDM #6 – Something with Bristles
Wouldn’t it be fun to have paint brushes with fancy ferrules like these? Credit for the inspiration goes to Valentina Harper from her book “Creative Coloring Inspirations”.

sketch of paint brushes

EDM #7 – Envelopes
I decided to make them up…some that I would enjoy giving or receiving.

sketch of envelopes

EDM #8 – Something with a Handle
Changing it up this time, taking less time and learning to be sure the ink is dry first! Pencil, dip pen, acrylic ink, watercolor. Door handle found on Pinterest.

sketch of door handle

EDM #9 – Something with an Interesting Label

sketch of apple and hard cider bottle

EDM  #10 – Something you can turn on and off
This is an attempt to capture a small portion of a water feature that one of my sons created for me. My DH later wired an on/off switch at the house for me. I love it.

I often think these days should be called “An Experimental Drawing Every Day in May” since every one of these posts feels that way! I never really know how or where to start or stop, so at some point I just do.

Also, I accidentally discovered that the thin paper between the watercolor pages in the sketchbook could be painted/sketched on with watercolor. I was tired and didn’t realize I had done the initial sketch on it…too tired to change it so I went forward and it all worked itself out…just right.

watercolor sketch of rocks


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