Every Day in May #21 – 31

EDiM #21 – The spot where you regularly sit to read.
When I sit to read in the summer this is my spot – on the bench, near the edge of the house, in the shade, facing the county road and neighbor’s field with the breeze coming around the corner of the house. One day last summer, I looked left over my shoulder to discover that a deer had wandered into the nearby shade of the trees to take a break like I was. This is also the spot where I have completed many of my EDiM posts.

sketch of bench seat on porch

EDiM – #22 Something that hangs in your home.
In real life, this is a terra cotta colored, heavy clay, happy not pensive, very round face that was a gift from my mum. It hangs in our living room and I love it.

This feels like more of a painting than a sketch but I guess I can call it a watercolor sketch and move on.

sketch of suncatcher ornament

EDiM #23 – an interesting architectural feature
This is a kitchen corner in our timber framed home. The frame is entirely held together with oak pegs and only two show in this corner. There are several corners like this in the house and when I looked at this sketch from a distance, I realized that it reminds me of joyous, outstretched arms – a very favorite symbol of mine. We designed and built our home and it continues to be a source of interesting architectural details.

sketch of timber frame in kitchen

EDiM #24 Keys

sketch of keys

EDiM #25 An apron, or something you wear as a cover during messy activities
This large, old white shirt reminds me of my Mom, who wears one still for all of her messy activities and of Dad, who was a big, tall business man with worn shirts to spare. It is my favorite go-to cover-up for painting and gardening in the hot summertime.

sketch of cleaning shirt

EDiM 26 – A sign
This sign hangs on our front porch above the spot I regularly sit to read…EDiM #21.

sketch of white house sign

EDiM #27 Something furry or fuzzy
I chose to wander through the garden to see what I was ready to tackle. While I considered the Lamb’s Ear plants, the “fuzziness” and color of the chives against the hardness of the river rocks and the turquoise rock settled it for me.

sketch of chives

EDiM #28 – A yard ornament or statuary
This was an ornament in our yard for a week and left halfway thru my sketch. I was able to finish from a photo. As I worked on this, I enjoyed the memories of our youngest in DH’s lap saying “Draw dozer Dad, draw tractor Dad.” Skip the reading and get to the drawing! Sweet memories!

sketch of excavator

EDiM #29 – A faucet
Sometimes I have to dream up a challenge and sometimes it just lands on my doorstep. A box of Micron pens arrived in an order the other day and much to my dismay they were 005’s and not the 05’s I expected. I didn’t even know anything that small existed other than in the Rapidiograph line. It took me a bit but I accepted the challenge and drew our kitchen faucet using a quarter of the page size I have been doing most of the EDiM postings. This one is roughly 3.5″ tall by 4.5″ wide. The line width on the border is the size I was expecting.

Our kitchen sink is a big, old, cast iron double sink with a slanted back. In order to use a modern faucet, my clever husband crafted an angled support from wood and mounted it all in place.

sketch of kitchen faucet

EDiM #30 – A Birdfeeder
For today’s drawing I used the same fine pens, Micron 005, and searched bird feeders on Pinterest. I’m certain I haven’t done justice to the special one that caught my eye but here it is! It is small for me – about 3.5″ wide by 5″ tall.

sketch of bird feeder

EDiM #31 – Eggs
Woo Hoo! I did it! Completed the entire month. At day 24, I realized that I had the urge to sketch more, beyond the daily challenges. I’m moving on to June to see what next month brings. For some reason, my last three sketches have landed on the first page of my sketch book!

sketch of eggs


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