Every Day in May #11 – 20

EDiM – #11
A cap, a hat, or other headgear
This lovely, rusty cap sits in my garden on top of a bowling ball…just because.

sketch of bowling ball with metal crown

EDiM #12 -Some stairs or steps
Trying to capture the stairs and metalwork that DH has done.


EDiM #13 Last thing(s) I bought, eggs and salt

sketch of eggs and salt shaker

EDiM #14 – Something you use everyday

sketch of hands that I use everyday

EDiM #15 – Something you could throw/give away – Daffodil bulbs
They grow like crazy in my clay soil and I am always happy to share.

sketch of daffodil bulbs

EDiM #16 -Ingredients for a favorite recipe

sketch of favorite meal items

EDiM #17 – Something used for Measuring
So many ideas for measuring items…a quick brainstorm through art, crafts, and building activities in our house gave me a big list but I narrowed it down to these tools. I think the contour gauge is pretty cool. I see that I spelled gauge wrong twice! and what is it with letting the ink dry already? Slooowww learner here…
Finally a drawing with no pencil set up, used acrylic ink, dip pen, and still loving the watercolor even if it is black only.

sketch of tools in black and white

EDIM #‎18‬ – Lipstick or lip gloss
I don’t own any lipstick but if I did I would want it to have a nice case like this. My apologies to the poem author for the spelling error – no undo button with ink. If you want to read the rest of the poem, just web search the title. Pen, ink, and Tombow markers.

sketch of lipstick

EDiM #19 – A Cupcake
A Learning-full day – yes, it may be a new word. Today’s subject is cupcake but here are the challenges for the day. Start with a gessoed paper, acrylic ink and do it all left handed, no pre-drawing with pencil. Was going along as expected until the watercolor hit the ink on gesso – not so permanent and it all ran together. So, I started again – no prep, left handed, dip pen, acrylic ink, accidental splotches, watercolor, and some fortuitous splatters. Almost forgot the wind and bugs…surprised the cats didn’t come by!

BTW, I made these cupcakes a few years ago with homemade marshmallow and a special cutter my DH made for the snout shape.

sketch of cupcakes

EDiM – #20, Your wallet/billfold…
or in my case the next best thing since I don’t use a wallet or a billfold. This is a funky, fun little bag that just jumped off the rack at a rock and mineral show.

sketch of a small handbag


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