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Every Day in May Drawings 1-3

Time to play catch-up. I’ve been participating on Facebook in the Every Day in May Sketch or Draw Challenge group. There is an item listed for each day of the month and the idea is to sketch or draw the item and post it for members to see. So far I have been able to keep up. For this post, we’ll look at days 1, 2, and 3. The text with each post is what I posted with my drawing/sketch/painting.

EDiM #1 -Your Favorite Food
I’m inconsistent with sketching but I want it to be a habit so I’m going to give EDiM a try. Really, pumpkin pie is my favorite but its May and I’d rather sketch than bake right now. Since I can eat these fruits without reservation, they are my new favorites. Tomorrow I’ll set a timer for sketching to speed and loosen things up.


EDiM #2 – A Tree
This is a tree with tire swing that I see every morning and have for over twenty years. It’s clear to me that the scale of the pine needles is off. Oh well! Here’s what’s good about it.
It’s done…second consecutive day.
I sat outside in the sun on a beautiful 68 degree afternoon and finally did something arty with this view.
I finally tried a fan brush and scraping into the paint.
I can do this experiment again any time I want or not…there are so many more experiments to be tried.


EDiM #3 – A Curtain. This was a challenge for sure. Today I played with a little masking fluid. I’m learning about what to leave out and in what order I should sketch and paint things.

Sketch of a shower curtain

Plenty more to post…stay tuned.