Felted Poinsettias

I managed to slip in a little felting during the past holiday season. I had the urge to play with felt and create a holiday card or two for a special friend.  I started with a desired card size, laid out my merino wool fibers in 3 layers, then wet felted the fibers until I reduced the size by 30 percent. It took quite a bit of rolling to get the size down and I would have been just as happy to have it be less dense and spend less time doing it.

I fused the felt to a thin piece of interfacing for added stability. Next, I needle felted some additional dyed wool nepps in the flower center.  The nepps are little felted balls of short fibers created when a second pass of the sheep shears is made. I placed a single layer of plastic bag over the felted piece and drew on the plastic with a dark marker to create a plan for my machine stitched lines. I did not stitch through the plastic.

I also felted a separate piece of red felt, stitched some small petals and needle felted them in place. After the stitching was completed and additional nepps were added, I fused the felt to card stock using an iron and fusible web.


wool fibers laid out for felting poinsettias

Merino wool fibers laid out for felting poinsettias


 Merino wool fibers arranged for felting poinsettias.

comparison of lightly and heavily felted poinsettia pieces

 For comparison – lightly felted on the left, heavily felted on the right.


 Thin layer of plastic placed over the felted to visualize where stitching will go.


 First stitching completed, red thread.


 Second stitching, green thread, ready for small petals.

felted poinsettia piece

 Final piece, ready to be attached to card stock.












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