Birdman sculpture, front view

Approx. 10″ x 12″ x 20″

I’ve been inspired by the amazing work of the late Akira Blount for years and have been determined to create a piece in a manner that reflected some of her ideas and some of my own. I created this Birdman sculpture as a retirement gift for our National Forest Wildlife Biologist. I’ve known Dan for many years and he is quite a character. Every piece or part is symbolic of something related to Dan. The jester hat, blond wig curls in the back of the kayak, and the stage on wheels all reference Dan’s ability to entertain anywhere on a moment’s notice. Dan loves birds and has used his iTouch and bird call app to share his knowledge – hence the red bird in one hand and iTouch in the other. The wings represent Dan’s love of flying, being a pilot and his ability to make a bird’s eye view of situations at work. Dan inspired me to purchase a two person kayak. The wooden legs are for time spent in the woods. And finally, the wise, polymer clay owl on his shoulder represents the many times I sought Dan’s wise council as a program manager.

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Birdman sculpture, left view Birdman sculpture, right view
Birdman sculpture, back view Birdman sculpture, detail of iPod Touch


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