Clearwater Quilters – A day of Workshops

The local quilt guild that I belong to is presenting A Day of Workshops on Friday, June 20, here in Orofino, Idaho. The registration form and workshop brochure is available on the page.

We’re delighted that art quilter Lisa Curnutt has agreed to be our featured quilter and present a trunk show of her stunning quilts at lunch time.

I will be teaching Playing with Color, Value and Color Intensity for one class and Introduction to Folk Art Wool Embroidery for another. All instructors belong to our quilt guild. This event is in an alternative to our bi or tri-annual quilt show. We’re interested to see how things work out since we’re making it up as we go! We expect to get a lot of mileage out of “Well, this is our first time”! So far we’re getting an enthusiastic response.

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