Getting Started Again

I’m trying to get started again but I wasn’t kidding when I called this web log “irregular ramblings”. It’s so easy to shrug off and go on to the next item on “the list”.

I came across this writing in the introduction of Julia Andrus’s book, Paper Transformed. “Such is the power of art. It is about relationships. What begins as an act of self-expression becomes a revealing connection when shared with others. Art truly is a universal language and there are countless methods and mediums through which we can communicate.” Great quote and great book.

Last Septmber I wrote about the two murals I completed. The river floaters were painted for a parade float. The county fair mural greets fair goers in the exhibit building. It as great fun to hear that several groups of people had their pictures taken at the mural. I’ve since decided that I have some value enhancements I’d like to make.

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  1. BOY would those make great story quilts!

  2. What fabulous murals! I do hope you blog more often..its lovely to be so talented but this is another wonderful medium in which you can share that talent with others and get feedback from others from around the world, as well 😉