From Fish to Quilt and Glass

Graduation was fun with a houseful of family and beautiful weather. The fish were a big hit, especially with the moms at the senior party! Some have migrated to my office and to other cubbies in the building!

Now I need to get my son’s graduation gift quilt finished for the Clearwater Quilters biannual quilt show next weekend. I also need to get my postcards finished up to participate in the ISGB (International Society of Glassbeadmakers) postcard project. I worked on the torch for a couple of hours today testing some new glass – until the oxygen tank ran out.
It’s fun to move from one project to the next with no downtime – really it is, I think.
Check out the final fish pictures below. I saved all the pieces – I have a plan to recycle them into ATC cards – later after the postcard and quilt!

Five fish close up.

Treasure chest at the bottom of the fish tank!

The whole “tank” – rocks, anenomes, seaweed, treasure and fish!

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