Archives for April 2007

Virginia Fatbook

I recently participated in a fatbook exchange related to the Virginia Art and Soul Retreat. Each contributor made 55 pages – 4×4 inches. These pages were sorted out into 55 sets and bound into a spiral book form. The theme was childhood memories of artistic beginnings.

It’s a fun challenge to figure out, to make efficient yet fun, and to complete on time.

Here are a few pictures – the lampwork glass flower heads I made, my 55 pages ready to mail, and a close up of the front of my page.

Web Change – more progress

More progress with developing my website. I’m gradually getting the hang of css with the help of a great book – Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML & CSS by IAN LLoyd. Today I have managed to move the blog off of my main page (created last week) to it’s own webblog page.

For my next trick, I need to add the page links to the blog site. For now I need to get back to the lampwork glass bead business. Art Under the Elms is fast approaching.

This will be my second showing at Art Under the Elms. Booth 39 next to Talkington Hall. It’s fun to meet and greet and I have some great booth help for the show. It’s very well run. Off to the torch now…


The site is coming along one change at a time while I try to decide what I want it to be. A few changes for today but now I need to get back to the torch and glass to get ready for the Art Under the Elms art fair. I have 3 weekends left and much work to do.

A Girl’s Just Got To Have Flowers

Thinking of what to say isn’t really the problem here. I think it’s like the fresh white canvas and where do I start? Do I keep a separate more traditional website or do I start and stay with an organized blog page? What about the text size and the border on the banner image and the boring white background and on and on. Way too many decisions.

I just need to get off the dime I think and make a change a day. So this is the first one – a new post and a picture of a get well card for a seriously injured wonderful person that could not have flowers in intensive care.

I know – none of these are my glass beads – but I’m really happy with it anyway and the recipient is on the road to recovery.